Hex - not the promised land

     If you look carefully, you'll be able to identify the stationary green vertex.
  At mid-period, all of the other vertices have been inverted in this vertex.
(Hint: Consider how the color sequence and positions of the nearest     
        neighbors of this fixed vertex have changed by the end of every half-period.) For additional details concerning the eversion of the Laves graph, see   
Reflections Concerning Triply-Periodic Minimal Surfaces, -665 ,
     a summary of my minimal surface research that was published in October,
        2012 in Interface Focus , a journal of The Royal Society.                                 

Rowena is the mother of Crowley (born Fergus Roderick MacLeod, 1661). Rowena has related two stories regarding how she became pregnant with Fergus. She first said that she had been with many men during a Winter Solstice orgy. The second tale she related was that Fergus' father had been a rich and already-married man. Rowena gave birth to Fergus upon a straw mat in 1661. The married man abandoned her almost immediately after the child's birth.

Hex - Not The Promised LandHex - Not The Promised LandHex - Not The Promised LandHex - Not The Promised Land